Outfitting your heady glass rig with the essentials is cruc to enjoying a quality experience. With the right tools and accessories, it's possible to bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your favorite herbs, oils, and waxes.

To that end, the following are some key tools and accessories we recommend you add to your kit:

You'll need a quality rig to get the most from your concentrates. You will want a balanced piece between water volume, durability, and portability. When choosing your rig, pick a design that fits for you, and keep an eye on the rig's stability; you won't want to choose a rig that is top-heavy as these can easily topple and break.

Non-Stick Oil Slick Pad
A non-stick concentrate pad makes it easy to dry your concentrates, extracts, oils, and waxes. It is important to do this on a non-stick pad made of medical grade silicone. This ensures that the extracts won't become tainted, and it also helps protect furniture, tables, etc. from splatters while you are dabbing. Most importantly, a non-stick pad ensures that none of your extracts get spilled or lost. These mats are easily cleaned with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol.

There are many types of nails available, and you will want to choose the one that best matches your tastes. The four primary types of bangers are quartz, glass, titanium, and ceramic. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Glass and ceramic are cheap, but they break easily. Conversely, quartz and titanium are a bit more expensive, but they tend to heat up more evenly and last longer.

Carb Caps
If you like low-temp dabbing, you are going to love using a carb cap. The device works amazingly well on open air systems. It works by creating a chamber with restricted airflow around the nail. This allows the concentrates to vaporize quickly within the chamber. The chamber then circulates the air allowing it to cool before inhalation. As with nails, they can be made of glass, ceramic, quartz, or titanium and it really boils down to personal preference when making a selection.

Concentrate Containers
Available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, it is a good idea to stock up on a few different containers for your needs. This can help you experiment and experience a wide variety of waxes, oils, and flavors.

A good quality butane torch will run between $30 to $100 dollars. They are available in whatever size you desire. When choosing a torch, bigger is not always better. A large torch consumes more fuel and can burn your oils and concentrates, so you will want to consider the types of oils, waxes, and concentrates you prefer and choose a torch that won't flambé your favorite blends.

Typhon 710 Case
Keeping everything together in one case keeps you from having to hunt for your concentrates and accessories. The Typhoon 710 is designed to keep you organized even when you are on the go. The 3-compartment concentrate container lets you carry a variety of oils and waxes wherever you go. These are well protected within the high-strength anodized aluminum shell. The shell features a magnetic sliding drawer for easy opening, and a medical grade silicone insert keeps everything snug and secure.

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