The Pax 2 vaporizer has the neat design and finish you expect from this premium vape brand. The lithium-ion battery of the Pax 2 can be charged in two to three hours via USB or AC wall adapters, and this loose leaf vaporizer is ideal for anybody with a busy lifestyle as it takes less than a minute to heat to optimum vaping temperatures.

Partner any Pax 2 vaporizer with the Titan 2 vape case, as this makes it easier to carry around and gives added storage space for supplies of loose leaf. The Titan 2 vape case is specifically designed for the Pax 2 and is smell-proof to ensure there's no hint that loose leaf vape products are inside. This exclusive vape case also offers added accessories making it ultra simple to use the Pax 2 in any location.


Vape cases take all the hassle out of porting vaping accessories and materials around on a daily basis. Pax 2 is a dry herb vaporizer with a high-quality finish; the vaporizer has a stainless steel oven providing consistent levels of heat to all vape plant materials. The Pax 2 vaporizer can feel quite warm when in use, so keeping it stowed inside a vape case when not in use will allow it to cool naturally.

Carrying extra loose leaf vape material around for loading the Pax 2 can be quite messy. An unobtrusive, stylish vape case that can be kept in pockets or bags and also provides everything needed for Pax 2 vaporizers is an essential and affordable accessory for anybody who enjoys loose leaf vaping. Vape cases are available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, but only the Typhon 2 vape case provides the ultimate essentials needed for successful, enjoyable vaping with the Pax 2 whenever users are out and about in a variety of different locations.


The Typhon 2 vape case is just five inches long and has the stylish appearance you expect from a case designed to complement Pax 2. You'll also find some useful Pax accessories included with Typhon 2, including a stainless steel stirring tool to ensure you achieve consistent draw when you load your vaporizer and a Pax 2 mouthpiece cap.

The smell-proof cap and loose leaf container in our vape case provide assurances that the aroma of herbal materials will not be detected when the Pax 2 is not in use.

The Typhon 2 vape case is manufactured from top-quality materials and has an anodized aluminum finish to give durability and a classic appearance. It's available in four colors: Aluminum; Midnight Black; Ghost White and Gold.

Typhon 2 has been designed specifically for use with Pax 2 vaporizers and not only has a high-quality appearance but also provides the essential support necessary for charging and loading the Pax 2 when out and about. It's a practical choice for any Pax 2 vaper looking for a stylish vape case with accessories, making loose leaf vaping an enjoyable pastime in any location, at any time of day or night.

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