The internet is a vastly strange yet resourceful place; through the crowd of social media “experts” and, beyond the mountain of cat videos, there are a few ways to buy Pax Juul pods near you.

If you’re starting your search with “Google, where can I buy Pax Juul pods?” you’re in the right direction. Only thing is, what to do with the 433,000+ results?

Start With The Source

Those familiar with PAX Labs know the quality of the brand. More than a pretty website, they understand what users are looking for, and how they’re looking for it.

Good example? Visit and enter your zip. With the click of a button you’ll discover a map that delivers hundreds of local results ranging from smoke to corner-stores.

Pax Labs have partnered with Kroger, meaning, if you see the logo below you’re one step closer to a Pax Juul and some pods. There are various flavors you can find HERE.


Of course, larger cities like LA, Chicago, and Houston are peppered with hundreds of locations. Yet, there are still a variety of shops in rural areas across the U.S.

The reality of the Pax Juul’s reach is that, for example, if you live in Jamestown, North Dakota (A modest population of 15K as of 2014*) there are still 10 locations serving you within the state and surrounding parts.

Lesson? No matter where you reside, there’s a variety of retailers to choose from.



PRO TIP: When in Jamestown, North Dakota stop at the Loaf’N Jug. (Photo Above)

Reddit & Review Platforms

If you succeed at nothing else during your search, a visit to Reddit or online review platforms will at least provide a laugh or two; underneath the piles of bullshit everywhere are helpful tidbits for finding a location near yourself that you had not imagined.

The only thing is, once you find these hidden gems, how do you differentiate winners/losers?


No matter if it’s a chain of gas station supermarkets or a mom-n-pop vape shop, when people have good (and terrible!) experiences, they want to tell the world.

If you find yourself reading reviews that sound like “They have a great selection of pods and flavors,” OR “Love this place, always stocked and offer great deals!” then you’re probably in the right spot. Give them a call, and ask them questions about their stock and flavors.

On the contrary, if you read how much they suck or how little pod options they provide, you should run the opposite way. Yes, it’s close by, but is it worth the risk of a bad experience?


Before you decide on anything, cross-reference the business locations you prefer with reviews, then visit the Juul website and enter your info to determine if said retailer is in the PAX Juul network.

The glory of PAX Labs, and the Juul, is that many nearby gas stations and liquor store / smoke shops will have them and some pods for you to swoop without traveling across town.

If a business is connected to PAX Labs and identified as such on their map locator, it's likely the easiest way to capturing yours today. If not, stumble into a corner store and test your luck. (sixty percent of the time, it works every time. - Brian Fantana)

Need a case? Here are some ways to protect your investment and keep an extra pod on hand while you charge on-the-go.

Visit and enter code ‘runthejuul’ for 20% OFF your Typhon Charging Case for Juul. Pre-orders end Sep ‘17*

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