So, you’ve wrangled the shatter; traded up for that heady glass rig, and are about to embark upon your first experience with “taking dabs.”


(NOT these dabs.)

Whether you’ve already charted this course, or are new to the scene, we’ve compiled a list for you to know what you’re talking about, when you have no idea what you’re talking about. Brush up on terminology, and be prepared for the next session with friends!


420: If this one isn’t obvious by now, you should probably take another rip from your apparatus and visit the abyss better known as YouTube. Commonly used to refer as a marijuana-friendly _____, one may ask: “Is Sheryl 420 friendly?” Why, yes, yes she is.

710: If you thought ‘420’ was revolutionary, you might spontaneously combust when you figure out what ‘710’ represents. Those of us who enjoy concentrates, OIL specifically, refer to this as a “Fuck combustible” roll call. Word to your mother.

BHO: Butane hash oil, or BHO, is made by blasting marijuana with butane, which pulls all of the THC while leaving behind the rest of the plant elements. Allowing the butane to evaporate, only the resin, a syrup-like,  golden-hued substance remains. This is what we vape, but, we’ll get there.

Combustibles: Every joint rolled, pipe packed, and bong ripped has delivered the THC molecule by burning - or combusting - plant matter. Many vape pens and vaporizers (yes, you can vape combustibles) will differentiate between combustible and concentrate use, so, it’s good to know what you’re using and what’s allowed inside!

Concentrates: The opposite of combustibles, and outlined in categories of BHO: sugar wax, budder (earwax), crumble, bubble hash, shatter, and live resin are the categories, and depending on the extraction process deliver varying textures and tastes that cannot be achieved by simply smoking flower. Concentrated doses of THC deliver a high that is unlike any other, and should be carefully-experimented as you start.

Dab: The art of ‘dabbing’ is not a dance phenomenon; it has become the latest, and greatest way to enjoy concentrates and could benefit from an entire urban dictionary explanation itself. You take a dab using a ‘dabber’ tool, and melt the concentrates over a hot nail (electric, ceramic, glass, and titanium options, oh my!), and are most times enjoyed through a dab rig rather than a flower-friendly device. (yes, there’s a difference)

Flower: Ganja. Herb. Greens. Fuego. Weed. Unless it isn't abhorrently obvious, flower is just another word for pot. It doesn't really matter what you call marijuana, just do yourselves a solid and avoid terms like ‘reefer’ and ‘buddha’. You just sound ridiculous...

Heady Glass: Although we’re not sure there’s a minimum price involved, the quality of a ‘heady glass’ piece is far beyond the run-of-the-mill shop pieces emblazoned with the latest factory-driven glass company. Rule of thumb: if the price seems ridiculous, it’s because the functionality atop unique styling you’d expect from what industry aficionados call “functional art."

Shatter: The cream of the crop, and top of the concentrate pyramid remains shatter. Quality, clarity, and consistency varies however, all shatters are particularly clear, with a golden brown hue and the texture of hardened candy or syrup. The best shatter will pull and snap as you proportion with your dab tool, and release a sweet mouthful of aromatics upon inhalation.

Vape: There are a variety of vaporizers and vape pens. Depending on what you’re interested in, there’s a pen specific for your use and lifestyle. The benefit of vaping over smoking remains the fact you’re not combusting plant matter into your lungs. It’s also a great way to consume your cannabis on-the-go, and paired with a Hydra case can elevate any experience.

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